Students Digitize SLR Work

Students in Ted Gutsche’s Visual Storytelling course in FIU’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication are curating and archiving work related to sea level rise produced at FIU as a way to learn about the digitization of museums and libraries, while contributing to the university’s Digital Collection. Already, the library’s collections hold information about rising seas,[…]

Jacobson to Present Sea Level Rise App at ICA/IECA

Susan Jacobson will present “It takes a village to build a sea level rise app: Informing citizens about climate change in Miami,” at the International Communication Association‘s annual conference in Fukuoaka, Japan. She is presenting this paper, co-authored with the team, on a panel sponsored by the International Environmental Communication Association titled “New/Emerging Information and Communication[…]

Gutsche to Speak About Engagement team member, Robert (Ted) Gutsche, Jr., has been invited to speak about the project’s engagement at the Obermann Center for Advanced Studies at the University of Iowa in March. He will attend a conference focused on encouaraging more faculty and graduate students to collaborate outside of classrooms, such as what has occurred with