Eyes Team, Students Present on SLR Work

SJMC faculty members Susan Jacobson, Juliet Pinto, Kate MacMillin, and Ted Gutsche presented the work of their students, FIU faculty, and local community members to a group of the university’s leading sea level rise researchers and communicators.  The “All Hands” meeting was hosted by FIU’s Sea Level Solutions Center.


Juliet Pinto, Kate MacMillin, and Susan Jacobson present a poster on crowdsourcing Miami flooding.

Pinto (at top) presented on the overall work of eyesontherise.org, highlighting the ways in which the project has collaborated with fellow university scientists and local experts to measure and communicate issues of South Florida’s rising seas.

A poster presented at the meeting by Jacobson, Pinto, and MacMillin (at left) discussed the specifics of how their students work to improve the Sea Level Rise Toolkit and how communication can create awareness and change related to our environments. More specifically, their work examines the practice of crowd hydrology, which eyesontherise.org has employed.

Three SJMC undergraduates, a graduate research assistant and Jamie Rogers from FIU’s Digital Collection joined Gutsche (below) to present a poster on how their Visual Storytelling class in Spring semester is collaborating with the university’s GIS Center and Library to visualize FIU’s digital collections related to sea level rise work.


From right, Ted Gutsche, Jamie Rogers, Samantha Smith, Jeffrey Pierre, and Emily Devine recruit other sea level rise researchers to join their project. Missing in photo: Daniela Hernandez