UP NEXT: Eyes Team Presents Research

The eyesontherise.org team is preparing for a summer full of research presentations related to teaching and doing journalism about sea level rise in South Florida.

Communicating Science

The team starts the summer next month at the 2015 Conference on Communication and Environment in Boulder (Colorado), which is part of the International Environmental Communication Association.

Kate MacMillin and Susan Jacobson will present “Eyes on the rise: Informing citizens about sea level rise in Miami,” while Ted Gutsche and Juliet Pinto will discuss “Blending technologies, classrooms & communities to communicate local concerns of sea level rise.”

Both presentations are part on the panel “Communicating to Diverse Audiences Vulnerable to Impacts of Climate Change: Scholarly and Professional Journalism Bridging the ‘Climate Gap.’”

Building Community Apps

In July, Jacobson presents a paper by the eyesontherise.org team and community partner Rebekah Monson at the International Association for Media and Communication Research conference in Montreal, Canada.

The paper, “It takes a village to build a sea level rise app: Civic hacking as an approach to inform citizens about climate change in Miami,” is presented as part of the Environment, Science and Risk Communication Working Group.

Successes of the ‘Challenge Fund’

In August, Gutsche joins a panel at the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication conference to discuss the group’s involvement with the Online News Association‘s Challenge Fund for Innovation in Journalism Education, which has funded eyesontherise.org.

The eyesontherise.org team will also receive the 2015 Innovative Outreach to Scholastic Journalism from the association’s Scholastic Journalism Division.

Research Initiatives Continue

Check out the project’s research agenda here.