Eyes Influences Local VR (Storytelling) Market

eyesontherise.org has become a vital component of advancing digital storytelling in journalism and beyond in South Florida. In fact, two faculty members are currently in Argentina, presenting research in which 20 undergraduates worked with us to measure perceptions of news source credibility based on users’ perceptions of the neighborhoods in which the sources provided information about a news event (see right).

The Mobile Virtual Reality Lab, which extends the eyesontherise.org mission into digital storytelling, has been pivotal in helping to launch the Miami Emerging Technologies Association, or META. In fact, take a look at what’s coming next, including plans for a 2018 VR Expo, of which VirtualEYES (this project’s VR arm) is a part!

Relatedly, the Mobile Virtual Reality Lab has been a model for building another production studio at FIU — iDEEP, a $304,000 Inter-disciplinary Educational E-immersive Production Studio. Read more about the project here. The project is led by a collaboration between FIU Libraries Associate Dean Bryan Cooper and FIU Assistant Professor Robert Gutsche, Jr. (see image at right).

Most recently, the Mobile Virtual Reality Lab contributed to the success of Miami’s first Unbound event this week. More than 3,000 people attended the two-day event (see image at right).

Lastly, we have been invited to showcase the talents of the A Sea Change theatrical performance that eyesontherise.org produced in spring 2017 at the December 2 event in Miami focused on communicating issues of rising seas. More to come on that.