June 20, 2014


This project was initially administered by the Online News Association with support from Excellence and Ethics in Journalism Foundation, the Robert R. McCormick Foundation, the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, the Democracy Fund, and the Rita Allen Foundation. Click here for the signed agreement between ONA and FIU.

Since 2015, the project has received funding and access to resources from multiple units of Florida International University and community groups.

Initial funding beyond that from ONA, includes:

  • Gutsche, Jr., R. E., Marsh, E., Sheerin, M., & Pinto, J. ‘Mobile Virtual Reality Lab,’ FIU School of Communication + Journalism, Florida International University, July 2016 ($19,000).
  • Gutsche, Jr., R. E. ‘Eyes on the Rise Sensor Project,’ Department of Journalism & Broadcasting, Florida International University, June 2016 ($399).
  • Canaves, M., Church, P., Gutsche, Jr., R. E. (PI), Jacobson, S., MacMillin, K., Nepomechie, M., Ozer, E., Pinto, J., Rifkind, D., Rovira, R., & Villar, M. E. ‘Eyes on the Rise: Citizen stories, science, and expression, CARTA Interdisciplinary Seed Grant Opportunity, Florida International University, March 2016 ($3,800).
  • Welker, M. & Gutsche, Jr., R. E. ‘Student Environmental Advocacy Corps’ summer program, The Celebration of the Sea Foundation, May 2015 ($17,000 in funds and in-kind donations).

All financial records are available upon request through the contact us page.