What’s With Our Water? SJMC Students Find Out

Intrigued, in part, by student journalism related to sea level rise  produced for eyesontherise.org at Florida International University’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication, 20 other SJMC students in two production courses have created a 30-minute news program related to local water issues.

H2KNOW — the first of two student productions that will be produced in the Fall semester by students in courses led by professors Moses Shumow and Lilliam Martinez-Bustos — featured eyesontherise.org along with packages on local water quality and the efforts of MAST @ FIU high school students who are coming to better understand their environments by using water sensors and citizen science.

“Working on the H2Know project was an incredible opportunity that allowed us to dive into an issue that literally surrounds us everyday, especially here in South Florida,” said SJMC student Stephanie Mason. “Whether for drinking, transportation, or being the host to other ecosystems, water is truly the elixir of life and is a matter that must always be taken into account.”

Students said the work of SJMC students and MAST @ FIU students — as well as public officials across South Florida — are making water issues rise to the surface of daily discourse.

“It was eye-opening to see how issues affecting the water around us impact our daily lives and how some people out there are trying to make a difference against insurmountable odds, namely the lack of education regarding water and environmental issues,” said SJMC student Kristopher Saad. “Not many people know of the war constantly being waged to keep our water and the environment around us clean, it was great being part of a project helping to raise awareness of water issues in South Florida.”

The next production, which will appear before the end of the Fall semester, will focus on the Nov. 2 elections.