King Tide Day Partners Reveal Danger in Flood Mitigation

Our partners for October 2014’s King Tide Day on Miami Beach have found potential problems related to massive pumps Miami Beach city officials have installed to keep city streets dry during high tides.

As the Miami Herald reports:

New pumps installed to keep the city dry flooded Biscayne Bay with a soup of phosphorus, nitrogen and other pollutants that can feed toxic algae blooms, according to a study overseen by Florida International University geologist Henry O. Briceno. In parts of the bay, the mass flushing caused nutrients to increase six-fold. If pumping were to become a regular practice, nutrients that are “like caviar for algae” could fuel nasty-smelling blooms that kill marine life and turn water a bright pea green, he said.

Briceno and other FIU hydrologists worked with on Oct. 9 to discuss issues related to sea level rise in South Florida to test water that had been moved away from Miami Beach property, greatly reducing the visible effects of rising seas.

Read the Herald story here.