June 6, 2017

Immersive Art

This project has been postponed due to Hurricane Irma, but will be rescheduled

Miami, anew is a student-produced art exhibit that combines virtual reality, data visualization, digital music, and print media to immerse audiences in Miami’s changing environment. As climate change and sea level rise threaten today’s quality of life, destroying the massive development that’s made many rich and forcing those that aren’t to move.

Curated by FIU professor Robert E. Gutsche, Jr. for the Art + Hack + Data Miami Media Art Weekend September 8 to 10, 2017, the student exhibit features virtual reality experiences within landlocked, Miami mangroves, wall-sized data visualizations of sea rise in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties, and art that immerses viewers in the unseen of Miami’s submerging landscapes.

The event and exhibit will appear at the Pérez Art Museum Miami and Wynwood’s Bakehouse Art Complex, which is scheduled to be on temporary permanent exhibition there until November.

Miami, anew is a product of Florida International University’s Mobile Virtual Reality Lab within the university’s School of Communication + Journalism.

Initial layout of Miami, anew exhibit.


Project Contributors


Robert E. Gutsche, Jr., Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Journalism + Media, Florida International University


VR Flipbook and Exhibit Space

Briana Boone

Wilkye Castro

Luis Centeno

Kanane Chatila

Colina Concepcion

Eduardo Fuentes

Damian Gordon

Ryan Mignagaray

Ingrid Padron

Andrea Perdomo

Grethel Ramos


Book Cover and Exhibit Design

Carina Vo


Mangroves Virtual Reality

Jose Acosta

Nicole Betancourt

Cassie Cando

Cindy Castro

Annabella Christopher

Isabella Gazmuri

Nomi Hernandez Leiva

Charity Johnson

Rebecca Lamus

Sudyen Navarrete

Natalia Quiñones

Amanda Rabines

Tatiana Ramirez

Gabriela Riveira

Daniel Santana

Annabelle Santos

Jeffrey Stepanenko



Tatiana Delgado

Kayleen Padron

Amanda Rabines

Sudyen Navarrete


Special Thanks

Stephanie Albrecht

Julio Briceno

Alexandrea Cleaver

Christian Colevas

Daniela De Cespedes

Carolina Estrada

Daniela Gonzalez

Derek Hernandez

Maxime Komornik

Catherine Mieses

Leslie Ovalle

Mario Parker

Amy Pokorney

David Ramos

Samantha Smith

Yashodhara Suri