June 20, 2014

Community Partners

Eyes on the Rise couldn’t exist without our amazing community partners.


Changing Seas

This national television program, produced in Miami, focuses on issues of climate change and the environment and will provide an online web presence for this project to reach a national audience and to integrate public contributions and student journalism to articulate the effects of sea level rise in South Florida.


The CLEO Institute

CLEO stands for Climate Leadership Engagement Opportunities and provides these opportunities to individuals, schools, businesses, community organizations, and elected leaders. CLEO’s goal is to create an informed and engaged public that is more willing to make changes and support climate resilience efforts locally, regionally, nationally, and globally through varied activities, events, and trainings.


Code for Miami and Hacks/Hackers

Volunteers from both of these organizations will help develop apps and projects for people to access Open 311 and other public data sets.



Media company focused on innovation and multimedia storytelling, which is assisting the project with app development.


GIS Center at Florida International University

Staff and faculty from the GIS Center at FIU will help develop interactive regional flooding maps that are searchable by address and will co-teach Web GIS courses for the project.



A Miami-Dade County public school focused on science, technology, engineering, and math that is located at FIU’s Biscayne Bay Campus.


South Florida Water Management District

This public agency will provide public data and consultation to create apps that help citizens visualize flood risk.



This local public television station will collaborate with SJMC faculty and students to conduct journalism and community engagement by producing programming and utilizing an interactive, data-gathering community sea level rise app and interactive mapping.