Photo Shoot: Telling Visual Stories of Our Environment

Dozens of journalism students from MAST @ FIU who are working on the project with students from Florida International University’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication took to the FIU campus earlier this semester to find new ways of looking at nature.

Led by SJMC Digital Media Studies student Alicia Sandino, the students learned about means and methods of capturing photographs.

Students will use their skill in spring semester to help document a mitigation of mangroves on the campus as part of a project to discuss the effects of sea level rise on the environment. For the project, high school journalism students will work in close collaboration with students in FIU journalism professor Robert Gutsche Jr.’s visual storytelling class and a MAST @ FIU science course.

Below are some highlights from the recent photo shoot.


Image 4 Slowly Drifting, Drifting Away

Spears of yellow from the top of a flower stretch above a pond on the university campus. Anika, the photographer, characterizes the flower a “beautiful object of nature in a synthetic environment.”


Image 2 Capture the Moment Snap it

Here’s lookin’ at you. Photographer Julie wanted to capture the “unique photograph” of taking “a picture of someone taking a picture.”


Image 1 The Choice is Yours

Students also experienced with concepts of design and image manipulation. Writes photographer Giuliana, “At first I was thinking of turning the picture fully black and white, but then I decided that it would be more appealing to show the colors of the flower and make it pop out.”


Image 3 Flower GalSome students decided to allow nature to speak for itself. “We wanted to capture the beauty of nature and happiness all in one,” writes Laura, who captured the image above. “The black and white was added to make the photo more meaningful.”