July 27, 2014

Project Approaches

To meet our aims, the project focused on three veins of engagement:

1) Citizen Science

Citizens should be at the center of discussions about their environments. Citizen science puts tools and data in the hands of the people — not just the policymakers. Public participation in creating data visualization tools in our web GIS courses and through “crowd hydrology” will help citizens better understand sea level rise and impacts.

2) Personal Stories

Storytelling is vital to understanding our communities. By working with local citizens, journalists, and scientists, our project’s unique news and interactive databases — such as flood risk maps — place people at the center of explaining sea level rise in real-time.

3) Citizen Empowerment

Building understandings of sea level rise through journalism that surrounds citizen science and citizens’ stories represents a form of citizen empowerment in shaping policy and approaches related to sea level rise.