Sea Level Rise App Update

The Eyes on the Rise Project Team, in conjunction with the FIU GIS Center and Code for Miami are working on an application for South Florida residents to better understand the impact of sea level rise on their homes and businesses. While this tool is still under development, I thought I would share one of our ideas and interface sketches with you.


We are creating an app to allow South Floridians to create a database of flooding incidents in their areas. While this is not an official application (citizen reports are not filed with government agencies), it will allow local residents to create their own catalog of flooding incidents. It will also attempt to match your address to the appropriate local agency where you can report a flood.


As it turns out, a comprehensive database of flooding reports is not currently available, and reports go to many different organizations and agencies.  Some flooding reports are not publicly available. This tool is our effort to create a crowdsourced database of flooding reports.

While the impact of flooding is well-documented in some parts of Miami-Dade County, other areas go unreported. One such area is my apartment complex, where my parking lot floods every time it rains.


But it’s not just my parking lot, it’s my entire neighborhood:








I really wanted an application that would help me understand better why my neighborhood floods so frequently, what might be done about it, and when it might be susceptible to flooding so I could move my car out of harm’s way. The goal of our Climate Risk Toolbox application is to help average citizens like myself become better informed about sea level rise and the effects of flooding on their homes and businesses.


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