Sensor Journalism Leads to Public Knowledge of Sensor Journalism

The public now has a definition of “sensor journalism” that they can help alter and further define thanks, in part, to the efforts of

Team member Robert Gutsche Jr. joined with two others over the period of several months to gather examples of sensor journalism and multiple definitions that have appeared in public reports and scholarship to create their own definition for the online encyclopedia, Wikipedia.

“This has been an interesting experience,” Gutsche said, “and one that required a surprising amount of rigor that is not represented in public and scholarly discussions of Wikipedia.”

The other main authors of the entry include:

– Lily Bui

Puneet Kishor

Jacobi Durandi

The effort was launched by a group of professionals and schools to discuss practices, scholarship, and other issues related to the role of sensors in  reporting news. The definition appeared online in February.

“The entry was an unexpected outcome from our grant-related project,” Gutsche said, “but it seems to be one that puts the efforts of educators and professionals right out there in the public sphere.”