Seed Grant Helps Fund Future Initiatives

A $3,800 seed grant from the College of Architecture + the Arts, of which FIU’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication is joining, has been awarded to an 11-person faculty team to create a proposal for large, national external funding.

The team members across five departments will use the seed grant to amplify and sustain current projects, including the interactive Sea Level Rise Toolkit.

Faculty from the participating Departments of Journalism and Broadcasting, Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Environmental + Urban Design, Theatre, and Advertising and Public Relations continue to receive international recognition for their work related to rising seas.

Through collaborative, interdisciplinary work on sea level rise in South Florida, this project develops fundable communication models, engagement projects, scholarship, and pedagogy that interconnect sea level rise and changes to quality of life.

This seed grant supports such innovative and expressive projects that engage South Florida students and communities and strengthen the team’s applications for additional external funding to communicate insights and solutions through robust research in science, art, journalism, and design.