Eyes App Goes to the White House

eyesontherise.org’s Sea Level Rise Toolbox, which allows users to search South Florida addresses to view possible effects of rising seas, was part of a presentation made to White House official over the past week in advance of President Barack Obama’s visit to the Everglades today.

According to FIU News:

FIU’s leading environmental researchers met with White House officials to advocate for greater interagency coordination with South Florida research and adaptation partners on the emerging threat of rising tides.

Todd Crowl, FIU’s Southeast Environmental Research Center (SERC) director, and Evelyn Gaiser, School of Environment, Arts and Society (SEAS) interim executive director, were joined by Henry Artigues of the Division of Research as they met with Presidential advisers, including from the Council on Environmental Quality and Office of Science Technology Policy.

“South Florida is ‘ground zero,’ and we’re in it for the long-haul,” Gaiser said. We stand ready to leverage our research strengths and existing federal partnerships to collaborate with local adaptation partners as we face the linked challenges of sea level rise, and water flow in the Everglades.”

FIU, through our newly formed cross-disciplinary Sea Level Solutions Center is advancing the science that underlies sea level rise, water resources and resiliency, while partnering with Miami-Dade County and the City of Miami Beach on adaptation planning. One tool, recently launched by the School of Journalism’s award winning program, Eyes on the Rise,  allows users to model various sea levels for any point on a map.

Read more about the Toolbox here.