Behind the Scenes: Making News About Sea Level Rise

Take a look at the above video that has students in a multimedia capstone course – the final class students take before graduating Florida International University’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication – explaining the intentionality behind work they produced in summer 2014 for

In addition to covering issues connected to rising sea levels in South Florida, students:

– Created a Mission Statement for the Eyes on the Rise project, set its goals, approaches, and project outcomes that can be measured to understand its impact. These guidelines will serve as a foundation for the next two semesters of classes focused on this project.59689_556581587797785_8633466404520487471_n

– Built a list of story ideas and sources to guide future reporting. The lists are public so that community members can go in and add new ideas, help develop the ideas, and volunteer to be a source.

– Began branding initiatives by creating radio Public Service Announcements and other language that will be shared with the community to promote the project.

– Broadened their understanding of community journalism. Content was secondary to the more holistic notions of journalism as a social force in which students applied not only journalistic and multimedia skills, but explored how branding, marketing, engagement, and event planning can contribute to inclusive media.